On February 11, 2018 we will be sponsoring a Valentine's Day Dance at the Clinton Avenue Reformed Church, 58 James Street in Bergenfield, NJ. The dance will be held from 4PM until 7PM and the cost of tickets is $15.00. You can purchase tickets on this website in the store or call the Clinton Avenue Reformed church at 201-384-2454.


Our Medical Mission of 2017

Providing medical supplies, food and support for those in need.


Each One, Love One Youth Ministry

Our "Each One,Love One Youth Ministry" is a 4 Sunday series and the children will have an overnight Camping Graduation. Theyouths in the photos below walk many miles every Sunday to come to our place to learn the word of God and to have fun.They come on their own and no allowance for their transportation. We only provide them food/project expenses.
Every Sunday afternoon, they gather at our place and the numbers are increasing.We started with just the 7 children we give shelter at our compound.
This program is supervised by our Youth Pastor Jomar Punzalan and our Admin Susan Goce. She prepares the food, snacks and drinks. She also supervises the clean up of the Camp and the spring pool.  It costs $250/month to support this ministry, won't you help?